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A fairy-tale place

Uganda… a fairy tale place…a place where clouds struggle over the peaks of ancient volcanoes. Where winding dirt roads lead you through dense, tall and seemingly endless forest then surprise you with crystal clean crater lakes, so deep and mysterious. So deep that only the pebbles thrown by joyful Ugandan youth know their depths. A place where savanna’s and marshes collide in natural matrimony to create a woven landscape of grass, reed and water.

A place where prehistoric shoebills wander the swamps and lions, because of an old story, find comfort in the canopy of trees. A story too old to find an accurate theory or reason. But they are there…

A home to golden monkeys and great blue touracos and red or yellow this and gorgeous or spectacular that. The colours of magnificent birds cut through the canopy where a constant hum of the forest is only beaten by the chattering, grunting and screaming of distant monkey, mangabey, baboon…or ape.

A place where dark green forest is broken only by the bright white smiles of every Ugandan man, woman and child that you pass on your way to track down the great apes of Africa. An impenetrable forest indeed where every gap is filled by another falling leaf, or trunk of a tree or a shine of eye…an eye that looks back at you, and a dark body moves past you…you’re with them now.

Majestic mountain gorillas sit…well they never just “sit”. There is always a glance or a pout that speaks a thousand words. They drag their giant bodies past you and through the forest in loose seemingly choreographed movements. Babies wrestle for attention as mothers watch us and them and the gap they don’t desire to shrink. Black backs (young males) lie lazily in contempt without responsibility or need of any plan at all. Silver backs just watch, with their wise and textured faces, over what is proudly his.

Chimpanzees hustling the forest in their calmness and their chaos, often changing from one to the other without any other reason than to break the forests attempt to slumber with their shouts and screams. Drumming their hands on these old hollow trees, an eyrie beacon for you to follow their dramas through the shades of the forest.

A fairy tale place? No… for this place exists. A paradisiacal place, a place where you can go, go and let the energy of the forest carry you, carry you to everlasting moments and understandings of purest nature!

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